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The home of fine Chinese art and cultural collector pieces in Vancouver

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Now Open in Vancouver

To promote great Chinese art and cultural artifacts, SUNZEN in Vancouver is focussed on introducing a new artistic chapter in the city with a unique collection of rosewood furniture, calligraphy, paintings, Pu'er tea and authentic tea sets.

New Vancouver gallery space

New Vancouver gallery space

A renowned collection of art and culture that naturally reflects the rich traditions of china.

The Collection

Traditional Chinese art and cultural artifacts

The collection of artworks in the gallery includes some of the finest examples of traditional Chinese artistry. From furniture created in the traditional Chinese style, exclusive Pu’er Tea, metallic and clay tea sets, ceramics, and chinaware from the Chun Feng Xiang Yu workshop in Jingdezhen, to paintings and calligraphy from renowned Chinese artists, SUNZEN’s features a broad range of styles and expressions.

Discover a new world of traditions

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Exhibitions & Collaboration

Along with an extensive collection of artwork and cultural pieces, SUNZEN Art Limited is also home to numerous exhibitions and events to foster the development of a community between artists, collectors and professionals.

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Upcoming Event:

REN ZHONG: Twin Wings to the Glory - A Contemporary Gongbi Painting Master

REN ZHONG: Twin Wings to the Glory - A Contemporary Gongbi Painting Master

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